Late Bloomer

Okay, I'm just going to get right to it. When I was in my teens and early 20's I worked but I also did what I loved. Went to acting classes, singing lessons, wrote poetry, painted, auditioned. But work always seemed to take priority over the "hobbies." See, I liked to eat and have a roof over my head. So I spent half my life doing things I didn't love because of money. Then I got married and had a child, then another, then another. I spent the next 20 years working, going back to night school for landscape architecture and being a mom which I love! Wouldn't trade that for the world. Then my kids became teenagers and, well, you know how that goes. They don't like to hang with mom :( So mom was left feeling empty. I decided about 3 1/2 years ago to try my hand at painting again. Some of it was horrible (maybe most of it) but, wow, was it fulfilling. I just got lost in paint. Mostly blue paint. There were blue spots everywhere and on everything. I was not a neat painter, and I'm still not.

Fluid painting
In the beginning -😱

There was something ethereal and spiritual and therapeutic. My heart was getting filled again and I knew it was God calling me. Letting me know, YES, YOU FINALLY GET IT. It took you long enough. You now realize that is how I created you--to create. Now get to it. Don't worry about the money. Just create. I'll take care of the rest.

Fast forward and here I am. 56 years old and doing my best to one day be able to create art full time. It feeds my soul just like the ocean does. The waves roll in and out like my paint colors dancing together. The motion of moving, merging and watching the effects appear are so mesmerizing to me I disappear for hours. I lose track of time. And it's just God, my paint and me. I feel so much more confident now in my paintings but I'm also always trying to learn and stretch myself so I don't get too comfortable. So it's okay to be a late bloomer--just bloom anyway you can.

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