Taryn  Foster  Art


Taryn Foster is a mixed media artist based in Southern California.  Through fluid expression, she endeavors to move you beyond the surface pulling you into a visual journey of awe and wonder.  Her creative process is very heart centered and spiritually fueled by her love of our Creator and His creation, especially the ocean. Through emotional responses while listening to music, her paintings transpire becoming a fusion of land and sea. The many layers she uses create movement and depth bringing about emotionally charged and symbolic works.  An ebb and flow that calms your soul and feeds your spirit--much like the ocean does. Water represents life. It was in the beginning on earth. God hovered over it. We drink it. It can renew and regenerate. It's in birth. It's cleansing. It can preserve and protect. Christ walked on it and turned it to wine. We baptize in it. Swim in it.  Water is the essence of life. 

Prior to relocating to California, Taryn spent years on the shorelines of Florida and knows first hand the healing effects of the sea.  For her, visually portraying water represents life and the fine balance between emotional and spiritual, strength and vulnerability, chaos and peace. It is her hope that her paintings will stir your soul and be a porthole to a place of tranquility, optimism and bliss that overflow into the deep recesses of the heart.

Though Taryn’s love of art and creativity has always been ingrained within her it has been only recently that she has felt called to pursue her life long passion. She is a self-taught artist that continues to experiment and study different techniques.  Whether you choose a large fine art piece or an affordable decorative piece they each have a little bit of her heart and soul in them and a whole lot of love.

Anna Maria Island Gulf Beach