WHO AM I?  It wasn't so long ago that I didn't know the answer to that question. Always wanting to make everyone else happy, I put myself at the bottom of the list, not even realizing how empty I was. As a child, I would stay in my room and draw or paint for hours on end.  That was more comfortable than playing with friends. It was my escape from all things that were wrong. I can't recall the age I stopped creating art but I did, and moved on to acting, writing and then getting married, having children. The older I got, the more things that made me feel alive, I put aside. At the age of 44 I decided to go back to night school at UCLA Extension for landscape architecture while working full time and rearing my three wild boys. That was the beginning of me feeling alive again because there was sketching involved, design and even coloring. After four long years I graduated and realized there are parts of that profession I really don't care for--like grading and drainage, construction details. My brain doesn't work that way. Strolling through Michael's I  grabbed some paint, brushes, canvas and began throwing paint--literally. The pouring paint movement was taking off and I really wanted to try it. I fell in love with fluid expression. It moved me  beyond the surface and pulled me into this visual journey of awe and wonder. 

WHY I PAINT? Besides making my heart beat the creative process for me is very heart-centered and spiritually fueled by my love of our Creator and His creation. Through emotional responses while listening to music, my paintings transpire becoming a very piece of my soul. My feelings laid out on the surface. The many layers used create movement and depth bringing about emotionally charged and symbolic works.  There's an ebb and flow that calms my soul and feeds my spirit--much like the ocean does.

Using resin, the ocean is my absolute favorite to paint. For me, water represents life. It was in the beginning on earth. God hovered over it. We drink it. It can renew and regenerate. It's in birth. It's cleansing. It can preserve and protect. We baptize in it. Swim in it.  It is the essence of life. Visually portraying water represents existence and the fine balance between emotional and spiritual, strength and vulnerability, chaos and peace.  Abstract art is my next favorite because it's freeing, spontaneous and honest. It's really good for laying down those burdens or kicking up that joy. I can create without expecting an outcome; I can mess up; I can paint over it; I can just be in the moment with no failed expectations. I can just be. 

So, I paint because it stirs my soul; because I feel seen and heard; and,  because my feelings are poured out all over it.  It's  a porthole to a place of tranquility, optimism and bliss that overflow into the deep recesses of my heart.

INSIDE SCOOP.  I am a certified scuba diver but will only dive in warm clear water--basically the Caribbean or Hawaii; Love the heat--80 degrees or higher for me please; I am a chocoholic and prefer dark over milk chocolate but any will do; I'm allergic to raw citrus--pineapple, orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime. Can only have it if it's cooked. It's sad I know; I must sleep with my right foot sticking out of the cover; Favorite flower - Sunflower--they start small and grow strong, they find the light and they are just happy; and, I love Jesus--one of my favorite verses is Proverbs 16:3. 

Anna Maria Island Gulf Beach